Environmentally Friendly Bath and Body

Lianna's Soap began in my kitchen in San Francisco. I had enough with soap ingredients I could not understand and no longer wanted them on my body. I made my first batch of cold process soap in March 2015 and my skin has thanked me ever since. I get inspiration from traveling and trying natural soaps from different parts of the world. I then recreate my favorite bars by trying to replicate the scent and color pattern with my own twist!

All of our ingredients are completely natural and some are local and organic as well. All of our soaps are biodegradable and hand wrapped in tree free biodegradable packaging and homemade glue. Lianna's soap is committed to creating a beautiful product that will not harm our environment and will benefit your skin, while using as many local ingredients that we can.

All of Lianna's Soap bars are bastille(70% or more olive oil) which feel silky, bubbly and won't dry out your skin!

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