Litsea Cedarwood


Escape your stresses of the day uplift your spirits with this citrusy woodsy scented cold process soap. Litsea Cubeba offers an earthy citrus scent similar to lemongrass. Listea helps rid of negativity and promotes relaxation. Cedarwood offers a woodsy scent coming from cedarwood chips and is grounding and calming.

Bastille Soaps offer a nice bubbly lather while not drying out your skin due to the high content of olive oil. All soaps made by Lianna are supperfatted which means there is an added percentage of oils that does not turn into soap. Superfatted soaps have great moisturizing and emollient(softening, soothing of the skin) qualities.

Made with locally sourced organic olive oil and also organic coconut oil.

Ingredients: Organic Olive oil, Organic Coconut oil, litsea cubeba essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, natural brazilian clay, annatto seed, olive leaf powder, sodium hydroxide, water

Lianna's all natural soaps are packaged with 100% Biodegradable Tree Free Paper made from agricultural waste. The wrapping is sealed with biodegradable homemade glue made from flour, sugar, water, vinegar. PLEASE COMPOST or RECYCLE wrapping.

Lianna"s all natural soap is also shipped in 100% biodegradable and recyclable envelopes so please compost or recycle.

Lifespan: Cold process soap last its longest when kept dry between uses. Use a draining soap dish and keep away from steaming water as much as possible.

* Soap is Handmade and Handcut which means it may differ a little in color and size.


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Shipping bags are eco friendly and biodegradable made by EcoEnclose.

Filler for shipping is made from 100% recycled paper that is made at a mill that is "off the grid"! For more information please visit

All Soap is wrapped in biodegradable tree free packaging.

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