My recent trip to spain was nothing short of amazing. Sangria and Tapas everyday, beautiful people, fantastic cities and hidden gems. One city I visited was Girona which was so much fun! After crossing the river that runs through the city I found myself in a small shop on a stone street filled with soap! In that store I smelled the most pleasent earthy shampoo bar and couldnt leave without it. 

This soap from Girona is what insired my deep in the woods bar. The soft smells of sage, rosemary, pine, eucalyptus, and lavender all combined to give you a scent that you really can't stop smelling. Deep in the woods is the most irresistable earthy scent.

Girona, Spain

Girona, Spain (river running through the city)

Perfect stone streets!

Perfect stone streets(where I found my soap heaven!)

Here it is (my Spain inspiration, the best smelling bar of soap)

One more photo for fun(Sangria yumm!!)

This is my recreation of my beloved Girona soap! Colored with layers of lemon peel, alfalfa, olive leaf powder, charcoal, and dead sea clay! Scented with a mixture of Sage, rosemary, pine, eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, essential oil.